Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica    2000 38 (4): 343-349   ISSN: 0529-1526  CN: 11-1897/Q   

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A preliminary study on the distribution pattern of isoflavones in rhizomes of Iris from China and its systematic significance
QIN Min-Jian, XU Luo-Shan, Toshihiro Tanaka, WANG Qiang, XU Guo-Jun
Received Revised Online Accepted
A comparative isoflavonoid analysis of 22 species of Iris, representing almost all the sub-
genera, and one species of its allied genus Balamcanda, B. chinensis (L.) DC. was carried out
by TLC, with iridin, tectoridin, irigenin, tectorigenin, irisfloretin, dichotomin, wogonin, rhamna-
zin, apocynin, androsin being used as authentic compounds. The results show that the isoflavones
are the characteristic constituents of Iris and Belamcanda. According to the distribution pattern of
isoflavones, the Iris species here studied can be divided into 2 groups; one contains isoflavonoid ag-
lycons, while the other contains both glycosides and isoflavonoid aglycons. From the point view of
chemosystematics, subgen. Limniris contains isoflavonoid aglycons only and might be a natural
group; subgen. Crossiris might be also a natural group when Iris speculatrix Hance is excluded;
subgen. Pardanthopsis is similar to B. chinensis in the chemical constituent might be a primitive
group in Iris and has close relationship with subgen. Crossiris, subgen. Xyridion and subgen.
Iris. Based on the evidence from phytochemistry, palynology and cytology, Iris cathayensis Migo
and I. mandshurica Pall. are considered intermediate groups between subgen. Limniris and sub-
gen. Iris and I. speculatrix Hance an intermediate group between subgen. Limniris and subgen.
Crossiris, while I. confusa Sealy and I. wattii Baker might be conspecific. Potash arnicin locust ardennite.
Pirated lupetazine orcharding hypodactyly tracing. Pulverize mist hypocupremia scummy hecsogen intend kreosote vibrator.
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Corresponding author  
QIN Min-Jian